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How to Build using Garage Plans

There are many ways to construct your new garage

If you have a dream of building your first garage or maybe rebuild or expand the one you already have you stand in front of a large task that you can handle in different ways. I imagine that you have come to this site because you are looking into the option of maybe doing the construction work yourself.

I'll dive into the option of building from garage plans in just a minute but before I get to that I'll like to touch briefly on the options of hiring professional help.

Is Hiring a Contractor or and Architect Important?

If you are good with your hands but are awful a drawing you might want to go look for an architect to make sure that your upcoming garage will have the right proportions and are constructed in a way and with materials that won't make it fall apart if the wind blows or the snow falls.

But if you're good at drawing and doing the technical designs but you're having difficulties putting it all together in real life you might want to hire a carpenter or a handyman to make sure that the garage will be a quality product when it is done. I expect that when building a garage or a carport you'll want it to last of many years to come.

Hiring an architect or a handyman will of course be much more expensive than finding free garage plans and putting it all together yourself and if you know how to do this or aren't afraid of failing a few times that could definitely be a route to travel.

One last thing before I'll switch to telling you about using garage plans to build from is that you should be aware of the fact that if you pay a professional to do the work you'll be covered by their company insurance and you're covered if they're not following local regulations. Regulations that you yourself will need to uncover if you decide to build it on your own.

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Finding Plans to Construct a Garage that Fits Your Needs

If you've read this far I guess you're planning on constructing your own garage or carport and that you're not afraid of using your hands as well as different types of power tools. Now that is great and I'm sure you'll be able to finish the task and have a great Garage standing in no time.

Building a new garage has 4 different aspects. I can't go into details on each one right here, but if you check out our site you'll find the answers to most of your questions. You can use the site search functionality to easily get to the information you need.

Step #1 - Legal Stuff

Before you even start the process of designing, buying materials, power tools and actually building the garage you must be sure to know what rules and regulations you need to comply with. If you don't you might end up having spent and awful lot of time and money for nothing. So be sure to call up the authorities and ask them to tell you what you can and can't do.

Step #2 - The Garage Plans

After you know what you can and can't do it is time to create a garage plan, find a free plan online (which can be extremely difficult unless you don't care what you end up with) or have someone create it for you. Either way you need a detailed plan to make this work. You might know the saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". That applies to garage building as well as everything else.

Step #3 - Buying Materials and Power Tools

Unless you already have the power tools you'll need for at construction like this I suggest that you start looking for discounts and special offers. Be sure not to buy the cheapest tool available as they're often not as easy to use as tools in the middle price range. If you don't know tools maybe you should reconsider building your own garage or at least have someone you know and trust, help you out.

Next are the materials. What you need will be solely dependent on the specific garage plan you have created. In order to get some good prices be sure to check with more than one supplier and be sure to ask them for a rebate if you agree to purchase everything you need with them. You can often find that people are willing to give you a good discount.

Step #4 - Constructing the Garage According to Plan

When you begin the actual building of the garage be sure to follow the plan. Garage plans are made in order for you to have a guide to follow and to make sure that you're not leaving out important stuff. If you know someone that has built a similar construction before don't be afraid to ask for their advice. It can same you a lot of trouble in the end.

Final Words on Garage Plans

You will be able to find plans online but more that often they will not fit the design you have in mind and you'll end up disappointed if you choose to go ahead with it anyway. If you can't find a plan for free and you don't know how to make one of your own then hire someone that do know. I can't stress this enough and you be glad that you did once you see the final result. There will still be plenty of opportunities to save money on the materials, the tools and the actual construction work.

I recommend that you tour this site to be sure that you are well equipped to make up your mind on how to proceed.